About Lantern Light Design Co.

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Creator, Matthew Procaccini
Matt working on a case study.
Matt working on a case study.

Who are you, and what is Lantern Light?

My name is Matthew Procaccini, and I am a graphic designer living in southern New England. I went to the New England Institute of Technology, one of the finest tech schools in North America, where I passed with high honors as a Dean’s List student. I started this company as a means of turning my passion in life into a business. Working with what you love is everyone’s dream, and what I love is designing, editing, photography, and creating. Lantern Light Design Co. is my brand, my way of becoming a creative, and working with people to get themselves out there and help turn others’ passions into their businesses as well.

About us

I am a huge fan of film, art, literature, and video games. I have always been fascinated with storytelling and the ability it has to make us feel, learn, and grow as people. To me film and tv, art, novels, and even advertising are all just different forms of telling someone a story, or persuading them.

What do you do?

I have a long list of skills I picked up but I know how to use the Adobe Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premier Pro, Audition, Lightroom, and Aero. Giving me a full range of design tools from AR, to video editing, to sound mixing, and photo editing.

I also know how to construct websites, such as this one here with WordPress. I have solid computer experience with both Mac and PC computers.

I also own my own cameras, and do all my photography myself.

Social Media

You can find my social media pages here.

History of Lantern Light Design Co.

In 2020, my brand was called “Ironwood Designs” since I thought Ironwood was a strong, sturdy word. I found out quickly after that I do not like the wooden aesthetic at all and found out trees are hard to work with in logos.

In 2022, I tried “Vytality Productions” but that name was a no stick since when you google vitality healthcare services pop up. A video showing this brand can be found here.

In 2023, Lantern Light Design Co. was selected as the final name, due to it being a great use of alliteration, and a good sounding name. I was able to make a much more premium and unique brand now and here we ended up.