Case Study: The Great Ocean State Curling Club Summer 2023 Marketing

The Mission

During the Summer, ice rinks are a bit difficult to use. The Ocean State Curling Club would be going dormant for five months, and the club needs some way to remain relevant, and in the social media feeds of their fans while the club is away. The OSCC needs, videos, game highlights, posts and advertisements to keep their audience engaged throughout the long Summer break. I was tasked with coming up with a banner and a few images and videos that can be posted to Instagram and Facebook.

What is the Ocean State Curling Club?

The Ocean State Curling Club is the only curling club in the state of Rhode Island. It operates on Thursday nights for about half the year during the colder seasons. The Ocean State Curling Club is not a large organization, it is a non profit and they do not have their own ice rink. Without their own ice, the OSCC needs to share their time on the ice with hockey teams, skaters, and all other groups, forcing them to only have a very limited time on Thursday’s to play their games. The club is already at capacity so they need to prioritize keeping their current members engaged and in the club, rather than trying to expand and grow their club.

This makes advertising the club very unique, they do not want new members, they want to keep the current ones. Due to this, the content needs to be fan service in nature. Emphasis the club being fun, show off game highlights, make the club look clean and interesting.

What is Curling?

Curling is a sport that was created in Scotland during the 16th century. Curling began as a sport based around pushing stones on frozen lakes to land into a goal, very similar to throwing darts but on ice. The goal is known as the house, with the bullseye point of the house being called the button. Each team has to land their curls in the house, and the goal of the game is to shoot your curls into the o house until you run out of curls, or land a curl right on top of their button. If you run out of curls the score of the curls is added together and the higher scoring team wins.

Curling teams need to work together to shoot the curl into the house. The team leader, the skip, fires the curl at the house, and then shouts orders to their team mates to speed up or slow down the curl by sweeping around it, in an attempts to steer it in the right way to land perfectly on the button.

United States skip Tabitha Peterson take a shot at Olympic games.
Curling at the Olympic games.

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