Case Study: The Great Manuscript Diorama 2022

Voynich Manuscript Diorama

Task at Hand

Using assets gathered create a 3D Diorama video in a 1920 pixel by 1080 pixel aspect ratio

Assets were gathered from the Voynich manuscript prints, and the music was pulled from the song “Danse Macabre”, a classical song of mysery and fate.

The video is made to convey a story within a 15 second time frame. Wilfrid Voynich reading his mysterious tome, his thoughts of the strange images coming to life, and the confusion of what they could mean ultimately frustrating and upsetting him due to their lost meaning.

Storyboard for the Animation

video, after effects, storyboard, planning, Voynich manuscript
Storyboard for After Effects and the video’s animation.

Text Copy for Diorama.

The Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript.

Wilfred Voynich is reading the manuscript he discovered in the European Castle library, and is deciphering the language it is in, and the meaning behind it.

The images of the pages pop off the page and float around and animate in Wilfred’s mind as he is trying to understand them.

Upon not understanding them, Wilfred gets frustrated and sighs.

Voynich manuscript, After Effects, video, animation, book, mystery, diorama.
Picture of Wilfred Voynich reading the manuscript.
page, Voynich manuscript, animation, book, manuscript, mysery
Manuscript page of the Voynich Manuscript

Process and Assets

Using the pages and images from the Voynich Manuscript, I cut and edited the pages as well as images of Wilfred Voynich himself to create the diorama. The images were animated and puppeted to move around the diorama and show themselves off as ideas and concepts in Wilfred’s mind as he tries to understand them.

Make sure to check out the complete manuscript at

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