Photography Showcase

For my final portfolio piece at New England Tech, I was tasked with a project of my own design. I chose to improve on my weakest skill that I think will be necessary to have when I become a freelance designer. I wanted to create a photography booklet, print the book, and have it showcase a variety of skills I as a designer will need to show off in the future.

My booklet is made under the idea that sometimes projects must be restarted, tried again, or redone. The booklet shows an original first take of a photo, as well as the final polished version. That way the gap between the start and the end is very clear and easy to see with every picture.

Daylight Photography

For the daylight photos images, three photos for the morning, daytime, and sunset were made. Each of them was taken in Pawtuxet Village. The photos are about taking full advantage of the available natural light, and create nice scenic photos of the area.

Social Media Photos

For the social media section. Photos were taken that could be posted to platforms like Twitter or Facebook or Airbnb. Photos designed to show the ability to be hired by a client, and do a specific job. These are very photogenic scenes that I wanted to include as a great showcase of thing you would want to post online. The 2023 Rhode Island Anime Con photos were included in my book, and those photos can be found here.

Package Design Photography

For my final two photos for the booklet, I wanted to do photos of products and create high quality packages that the photos can be placed on. I chose my Vegito Blue statue, and a LEGO space ship due to them both being photogenic toys I happened to have. Here you can find a package I based my design off of for the Vegito figure, and here is the LEGO shuttle inspiration.

The Booklet

To showcase my photos, a photography booklet was made to act as a portfolio for the project. The booklet contains each picture that was taken for the project, as well as some work in progress photos, and scrapped earlier shots. The booklet goes into detail on every photo how is started, and ended.

The Shipping Problem

As a final wrinkle to my photo booklet, this is a project that has a time limit. By September 21st, the booklet needed to be completed, and in class for the presentation. This is a pass or fail assignment, and having the booklet be completely absent would not fair well in my grading.

Unfortunately, I chose a very slow printing company in Barnes & Noble Press. My booklet was sent in to be printed by them on the 10th of September, and on the 18th of September the book was approved to start printing.

While that approval process was taking several days with no progress, I had to order for a backup booklet from Staples, since I felt Barnes & Nobel would most likely not deliver my booklet on time. This brought some complications as I needed to resize my booklet to fit a 7 in x 8.5 in size. My booklet was made in 8 in x 8 in so this was not a massive change, but changing anything at all would be very time consuming and require a redesign. However, due to my lack of options I had to redesign my entire booklet last minute. The new booklet from Staples arrived on September 19th, saving my project.

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